With many traditional wealth building vehicles not performing due to the massive economic woes around the world, the business model of Network Marketing is getting new-found respect for all the right reasons. In fact, it fits nicely as one of the multiple sources of income that I utilize as part of my overall wealth-building strategy.


Gaining Credibility

In his book, “The Business of the 21st Century”, author Robert Kiyosaki lays down the reasons why network marketing is Business of the 21st Century book network marketingone of the best ways for the average person today to build a significant asset that will permit them to live and retire in freedom.

He explains why the old path to Industrial Age financial success- "get a good education, find a good job, work hard for forty years, invest in stocks and real estate, etc." no longer works. The industrial age is gone. The information age is upon us and we have to find new ways to earn a living.


Bit by bit, Kiyosaki demolishes the typical myths and objections to the Network Marketing business model so that those who are determined to succeed in "The New Economy" will see that Network Marketing offers all the benefits of a huge business, with none of the risk, expense, and complexity.


Why Network Marketing?


Network marketing is a business format that relies more on communication, leadership, and team-building skills than it does sales skills. It doesn't require a college education or large investment to build a six-figure (or higher) income. There is no glass ceiling. There is no need to abandon a J.O.B. to start a network marketing enterprise.


Over the years there have been some bad apples that have tainted the reputation of Network Marketing. However, true Network Marketing, also known as network marketing as home businessDirect Selling or Multi-Level Marketing, is not a get-rich-quick scheme or a pyramid scheme. It involves the sale of useable and/or consumable products. Like any job, it takes persistent, consistent effort. It’s a viable and honest way to make a living.


In Network Marketing, you get to determine how much you earn and it’s based on the effort you, yourself, put into it. It is up to you to create the life you want without having to blame anyone else for your failure or wins, and you’re not at the mercy of a boss.


I especially liked the final chapter of the Kiyosaki’s book, where he describes Network Marketing as a “democratic force for increasing world peace and prosperity”. Network marketing is leveling the playing field, making the opportunity of building a successful business available to all.


And while Network Marketing isn’t for everyone, it’s for anyone. It’s available to the person who sees through the stigma and wants to explore creating an additional stream of income to supplement the instability of their traditional “day job.”


Here comes the but....

I agree with Kiyosaki on the concept of network marketing and it’s merits, BUT I think the vast majority of companies still fall short on the marketing training they provide to new recruits. The traditional model of approaching your “warm market” (family, friends, acquaintances, etc. ) can become exhausted pretty quickly and it doesn’t even take into account whether or not they even WANT what you’ve got!


Visualize your friends running the other way when they see you coming. The thought of this is what ultimately what led me to discover the concept of Attraction Marketing and why I currently use it to supercharge and give dimension to my Network Marketing efforts. The best approach is to use a combination of offline (warm market) and online (attraction marketing) strategies.


If you’re considering joining a network marketing organization you need to understand that most companies don’t go beyond offering the slick, replicated company-hosted websites. Additionally, your particular company-hosted domain (yourname.networkmarketingcompany.com) cannot be found by a Google search.


You’ve got to have another avenue to attract leads to YOU and YOUR business opportunity in order to keep it growing and expanding. The real key to bringing your Network Marketing business into the 21st century is to employ attraction marketing strategies and teach your new downline how to perpetuate it.


For an eye-opening look at the shift to a new model of Network Marketing, you may want to read this free report written by Network Marketing expert, Ann Sieg:


The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing

7 Great Lies of Network Marketing book




Separating the Good from the Bad


If you’re interested in exploring Network Marketing as a possible option for creating an income stream, keep in mind that you must use due diligence when evaluating any potential Network Marketing organization. Unfortunately, you cannot simply rely on a Google search. As we all know, anyone can say anything...good or bad, but that doesn’t mean it’s fact. Scrutinize each company website, look at the strength of their business associations, their press. You’re looking to determine their credibility. Call around, ask around, check the Better Business Bureau.



scrutinize potential network marketing companiesThere are some specific things to look for when evaluating potential Network Marketing organizations. Obviously you should genuinely like and identify with the products, opportunity and compensation plan. Beyond that, there are other very important considerations:




  • Ethical leadership - hands-on, accessible, visible CEO
  • Industry reputation and accolades
  • Adherence to professional business and legal best practices
  • Customer Service and back office support
  • Communication - regular relevant
  • Professionally designed training and support materials
  • Longevity - 5 years or more
  • Proven financial stability - financials available for your observation
  • Facilities - Do they own/lease their offices, distribution center
  • Professionally credible endorsements and high-profile associations
  • Guaranteed and hassle-free return policies



If you do your due diligence you can have confidence in whatever company you choose and lay a solid foundation on which to build your Network Marketing business.




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Eryn McCormick is an online marketing entrepreneur, coach and award-winning blogger. She's a woman on a mission to "inform, inspire and ignite" people to take action to recapture their own earning power by leveraging their skills, talents and abilities to start an online business from their home computer or on the go with a mobile device.

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