shiny happy people2Want to attract more clients? It all starts with you. But if you've ever felt like you lost the genetic lottery, or that you might have missed school when they covered the part about developing a magnetic personality, take heart.


Not everyone has the "It" factor but there are things you can do to improve your 'joie de vivre' that will attract more clients to your business.


Are you destined for failure before you even start?

You weren't home sick the day they passed out the success gene. There isn't one. While it may be true that the beautiful people of the world 'seem' to catch all the lucky breaks, it's really just a convenient excuse for not giving it all you've got.


Can you just become one of those shiny happy people?


YES! But it takes some effort...


Success is not about an attractive 'look' (although you don't want to present yourself like a bag lady!) Successful people learn to be successful. They see and are exposed to other successful people who model successful behavior and they replicate that behavior. It's about a confidence from within that gives off a vibe, an energy.


Have you ever been around someone like that? You can tell right away that something is different. Rather than making you feel like there's a 5 foot protective bubble around them, they radiate an openness, an energy that draws you in like a moth to a flame. It's like they have a light from within and YOU WANT IT!

Success is available to anyone. It's a result of habitual, ingrained, almost subconscious behavior patterns that form at the roots and grow over time.


It comes from the persistent and consistent application and implementation of positive actions…daily. Got that? Daily!  THAT's what creates successful, driven people and entrepreneurs...not genes! (Thank gawd!)


You can have occasional, even moderate success by applying some positive actions now and then. But inconsistent action brings inconsistent results every time.


"I work from home, behind a computer. No one will ever see me."


Are you kidding? Of course people will see you! It's your job to be seen - maybe not live or even face to face, but you can never take that attitude that people won't see you. We're talking about your online business brand and that is conveyed through your words, your website and your graphics.

brand You1


People WILL see you and form an opinion about who you are and if you're the real deal...the one who can help them. Or they might decide you're a pompous you-know-what.

It's entirely up to you!


If you want to really achieve the kind of success that moves in an upward trajectory, your actions need to be applied consistently every day. That doesn't mean you'll be successful overnight, but it WILL happen, and far sooner than that  haphazard approach you were using.



The old adage "garbage in, garbage out" (or is that something my mother made up?) is so true. We reflect to others what we're made of on the inside. Sooner or later, what's on the mind inevitably rolls off the tongue. Yikes! This should strike fear in the hearts of many! (There are some things you just can't take back!)


So how do you keep your engine running smoothly? How do you avoid sputtering out or backfiring in thick smoke?


Keep your fuel tank full. Don't dump in low level junk - go for the high octane stuff! I like me some Napoleon Hill, Jim Rohn, Darren Hardy, T Harv Eker, Maya Angelou and Marianne Williamson, just to name a few. Of course, part of my own secret sauce is humor- I can't live without it. So I seek out funny people, blogs etc. to sprinkle some sunshine into my daily existence.


It's said that old patterns die hard, but they can be replaced with newer behaviors and conscious effort. So here's a few more tips for dusting off your junk, polishing your fenders and becoming one of those shiny happy people we aspire to be!



People Boundaries -

You may have to 86 the riff raff in your world. You know who I'm talking about - the person that just sucks the life out of you! Learn to say no to people that interfere with your goals and your path to success. (easier said than done, for some of us, but it CAN be done!)


Time Boundaries -

Time is a commodity - a very valuable commodity. We only have so many hours and minutes in a day to "do what we gotta do" in our businesses. Factor in family, friends and community obligations and basically your whole day can get swallowed up. First thing after reading this, spend some time charting out a schedule of your time. Make a plan and stick to it.


balance business and lifeAs a business coach, I tell my students to visualize a scale. On one side are your goals - your well-intentioned plans for success. On the other side of the scale is dead weight...meaning all the people who don't see what you see, dream what you dream, or live what you live. They are not "big-picture" thinkers.


Also on that side of the scale is the dead weight of daily minutia...your day-to-day "stuff." It's all the little interruptions that prevent your consistent daily progress. Facebook, email, phone - you get the picture.


Tip the scale back in your favor by purposefully and methodically removing the people and things that prevent or slow down your success. As you do, the scales will begin to balance, and after all, life is about balance. It's not about being a workaholic. It's about working smarter, with more efficiency. Getting more done in less time, and keeping the main thing, the main thing.



When the right people and elements are in place, the path toward your goals is infinitely simpler. No more minefields to navigate or slow you down. Your entire work environment feels lighter, allowing you the freedom to 'be all that you can be'.


In fact, you can accelerate your pace toward those dreams and goals you've set for yourself...when you have an extra pair of eyes on you making sure you're not deviating from the plan.


You've heard me sing the praises of mentorship before and I'm still singing that tune! Find a mentor or mastermind group that helps, not hinders your progress. I can help you with this 😉                                

Grab a free 15 minute consultation right now!


So, remember:

  • Know where you're headed.
  • Have clearly defined goals and timelines.
  • Remove the things and people that get in the way of your goals.
  • Take consistent daily action toward your goals.
  • Align yourself with a business mentor or coach for accountability and support


...and remember to be good to you, always!



Eryn McCormick is an online marketing entrepreneur, coach and award-winning blogger. She's a woman on a mission to "inform, inspire and ignite" people to take action to recapture their own earning power by leveraging their skills, talents and abilities to start an online business from their home computer or on the go with a mobile device.

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4 Responses to Shiny Happy People – Attract More Clients!

  • Helen Willsher says:

    This is so important to success Eryn. Getting rid of all the negativity that can hold you back, so that you can soar and become the best you can be.

  • Agnes Knowles says:

    You hit the nail on the head, Eryn! Instead of using the excuse that others were “born lucky” or “with a silver spoon in their mouth” wanna-be entrepreneurs have to grab hold of their dreams and their goals and find all the positive there is to be found in business. It can become an upward spiral to Success!
    Agnes Knowles recently posted..Charley Boorman Is My Hero!My Profile

    • emccormick says:

      Agnes, I had neither a spoon or luck…bit I did get a brain so I best use it! Thanks for weighing in!

  • Lorraine McNulty says:

    Not sure what 86 means but I think I get the gist of it…
    It’s hard to do… to get rid of the leaches on your time – especially when they have been friends for years – but some people just drag you down.
    Great post Eryn – lots to think about.
    Lorraine McNulty recently posted..The Elephant In The Room – Blogging and Religion!My Profile

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