Dealing With Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Anxiety, stress and panic are some of the most common and recurrent problems in the lives of people from our contemporary times. And over the years, these problems are only seemingly increasing with time. Also, when these problems are recurrent, relentless ad constant, we may even get panic attacks or anxiety attacks. These are the extreme forms or physical manifestations of the same complication in our body. Hence these are to be taken seriously. You need to find effective ways to deal with the problem of stress and anxiety especially if it is recurrent and if you are constantly suffering from one or the other forms of anxiety. It becomes alarming when the issues are physically manifested in the form of panic or anxiety attacks. There we shall talk about some of the ways in which you a deal with anxiety attacks.

Know the most probable symptoms of the issue –

Identifying the indicators of the problem is really important. You may be suffering from an anxiety attack or panic attack if you tend to feel or experience an overwhelming sense of fear, of being in grave danger, of unable to hold yourself and losing control of the self, of Cannabis Seeds in Oklahoma dizziness and a feeling that you may pass out. Some emotional symptom may include a feeling of acute and unexplained sadness and gloom, an urgent desire to escape, etc. Apart from the emotional and mental symptoms, there are other physical symptoms as well which usually includes palpitations, body trembling, breathlessness, sweating, pain or pressure upon the chest, a burning sensation in the skin, hot/cold flashes, numbness, weakness in the knees and tingling sensations. You may also feel a sense of being detached from reality. This can also be accompanied by a feeling or sensation of vomiting or nausea.

Clear your head and cool your self down-

The immediate reaction is to find ways to calm yourself down. This is really important and necessary. There are different ways to calm down, which will also vary widely from person to person. So basically you will have to try different ways out to find the one that really helps you or is effective in your case. Calming down immediately shuts the stress response of the body. You can try out breathing exercises, which will involve long spells of breathing in and out. Relaxing your body is a good way to respond to the same effect as when you are relaxed the body uses up the stress hormones.

Long-term solutions or remedy-

Find a long-term remedy for the same. You can try breathing exercises on a daily basis. You can make use of cannabis as well, on a regulated basis, which will help you suppress your anxiety and stress by calming your mind and relaxing your body.

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