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Are you secretly hatching a plan to transition out of your boring, life-sucking, unfulfilling J.O.B. and someday starting a home business of your own? One that doesn't involve network marketing?


Not sure what you would do or where to even start start?


You have options!


If you can't already tell, I'm passionate about home business entrepreneurship! (I even make meme's about it!) 


But - I truly love helping other people, especially women like me, who are choosing to work from home, not out of a corporate office or public workspace. I KNOW it would make a lot of women (and men) happier if they could learn how to work from home.


It's important to make some distinctions about working from home. You can work from home and still be employed by a company, which is called telecommuting…but I'm not talking about that type of work-from-home situation.


I'm talking about something that at first glance appears to be the same, yet has one main difference: you're not employed by a company. You don't have a boss. You write your own paycheck. You answer to no one else. YOU are the business!


Why not start your own online business with the skills you already have, and earn whatever income YOU set for yourself, not a measly sliver of salary or commission some company decides to pay you!


 online home business Think about it...


Many people already conduct online home business this way. For example real estate agents, insurance agents, professional consultants and in-home service providers typically meet with their clients and customers on their turf…or sometimes over a meal or a cup of coffee.



Thanks to rapid advances in technology and the uncertain economy, new workplace trends are emerging. More and more business is being conducted on the internet via emails, webinars, Skype calls, Google Hangouts and the like…which begs the question:


Why work for someone else?


Set yourself up with an online business and fire your boss!


There's a massive shift taking place where hundreds of thousands of people are discovering they can use their years of on the job skills, training and expertise to actually start their own online home business allowing them to work from home when they choose. Others are reinventing themselves based on their in-depth knowledge of a hobby, interest or passion.


Don't wait helplessly until your job is either downsized, outsourced or phased out completely. Take charge of your own future and do it now!


Put a plan in motion now to transition out of your J.O.B. where you get no respect to becoming an online business owner that fills your spirit AND your wallet!


Already been let go? What are you waiting for?

Turn your specialized knowledge and insight into a business that helps others. Take that cherished hobby you've been involved with for years and turn it into a home business. Have intimate knowledge of a health ailment or chronic condition that could help others with a similar affliction? Turn it into home business.


The advantages are clear: you're the boss, you set your own schedule, you get to choose who you work with (and who you don't!) and you have unlimited income potential. You also have more time freedom for family and friends! Who doesn't want that?


Think this is about door-to-door sales, hotel meetings or networking events? Think again!


My online business is based on helping people discover their strengths and passions, teaching them how to set up their business online and how to attract clients and customers without chasing them so they can earn money and have fun doing it.


It's a win-win!online biz thinking cap1


Put On Your Thinking Cap!

What skills, talents abilities, knowledge or expertise do you have that you could leverage into a home business you could do from a laptop, tablet or home computer?


Here are some words to stimulate your reactive juices and jog your memory bank:


  • What are you good at doing?
  • What certifications, degrees, designations, accreditations have you earned?
  • What awards, recognitions acknowledgements have you received now or in the past?
  • What do you enjoy doing? Hobbies favorite past times, recreational activities, etc.
  • What would your friends and family say you're good at?
  • What do people most frequently compliment you on?
  • What are your best qualities/traits?
  • What would your friends and family say are your best qualities/traits?
  • What books and magazines do you frequently read and why?
  • What significant life events have you experienced that may give you special insight or perspective that could benefit someone else in a similar circumstance?
  • Do you have any particular unique or rare aptitude that you could teach to others?
  • Do you collect anything (i.e. comic, cars, coins, historical memorabilia, dolls, etc) that you also have extensive knowledge about and could teach to others?
  • Do you like to network? Teach? Help? Advise? Mentor? Analyze? Coach? etc.


Are you starting to get the picture?


Are you good with computers, electronics, math, writing, science?

What could you teach someone to do?

What hobbies could you teach other people about? (eg. photography, sewing, automotive repair, videography, coin collecting, model trains, needlework, crafting, quilting, etc)

What skills or on-the-job training could you educate others about or offer as a service? Graphic design? Interior design? Consulting? Cooking/nutrition? Insurance? Real Estate? Home renovation or repair? Professional Counseling?


I've barely scratched the surface…but there's enough to get you going. Start recording your thoughts and just do a big 'ol brain dump. Keep writing til you can't think of anymore. Keep it by your bed for late night inspiration and V-8 moments.

p.s. Don't forget the flashlight!




Eryn McCormick is an online marketing entrepreneur, coach and award-winning blogger. She's a woman on a mission to "inform, inspire and ignite" people to take action to recapture their own earning power by leveraging their skills, talents and abilities to start an online business from their home computer or on the go with a mobile device.

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2 Responses to Ditch the J.O.B. and Start a Home Business Online!

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  • Stella Scott says:

    This IS some good advice! It was when I sat down some years ago to really look into what I had gone through in life that my unique skills became clear to me. That brain dump makes wonders while lifting the fog!
    Stella Scott recently posted..Politeness Won’t Do, But Netiquette Does!My Profile

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