Who doesn't need eyeballs quickly? It almost goes without saying that everyone would prefer to have an immediate and steady flow of web traffic, for the cheapest possible outlay, but it doesn't have to cost a lot. The best kind of web traffic is the result of a strategic and targeted effort that filters out the uninterested, and brings in the highly interested - your ideal customers! Continue reading →
It's the wild wild west out there and not everyone is following the rules of good taste. Some of your competition is out there saying and doing outlandish things to get the attention of your readers and sadly, sometimes it works! Whether it's blog subscribers or social media groupies, you've got to find a way to be captivating and engaging. Continue reading →
Want to attract more clients? It all starts with you. But if you've ever felt like you lost the genetic lottery, or that you might have missed school when they covered the part about developing a magnetic personality, take heart. Not everyone has the "It" factor but there are things you can do to improve your 'joie de vivre' that will attract more clients to your business. Continue reading →
There's a massive shift taking place where hundreds of thousands of people are discovering they can use their years of on the job skills, training and expertise to actually start their own home business. Others are reinventing themselves based on their in-depth knowledge of a hobby, interest or passion. Continue reading →
Are you barraging your site visitors with tons of sexy product features? Are you unabashedly spewing all your superlatives at their feet? If you're marketing message seems more like dumping the entire contents of your brain at the feet of your prospects, it's time to clean up the mess! Continue reading →
Ever wonder why some people poo poo network marketing so much? Of all the forms of selling out there, retail, online marketing, tele-marketing, mass mailing campaigns...you could find plenty to poo poo about each of them (and for some you'd be justified!) Yet there's a long-standing myth being perpetuated that networking marketing is a "scam". I say to this line of generalized thinking…B.S.! Continue reading →