10 Things to know about ESTA and VWP

Any tourist travelling to the USA has to undergo certain security procedures that are simple to follow. This requires an Electronic System for Travel Authorization or ESTA. The form filling formalities are very easy but there are certain things that the tourist should know about this procedure. Here we shall point out some of some important facts that one should know before applying for a USA ESTA about it and Visa Waiver Program (VWP) that may be helpful in clearing any misconceptions about it.

  1.    ESTA not a visa

When a tourist gets an approval to travel to the USA with the help of an ESTA, it means that he is allowed to travel even without providing a visa. He has cleared the automatic vetting process with the help of the personal details provided by him. However, in the case of a visa, it is a much lengthier process involving weeks as compared to ESTA where if applied online, it is confirmed with notification within 24 hours.

  1.    Approved ESTA validity

Once, an ESTA is approved, its validity is for two years starting from the day of the approval. That is, the day the online application is made. The tourist has to make sure that his passport is valid for those two years otherwise, if it expires midyear, the person travelling has to reapply for an ESTA the ESTA cannot be extended when the tourist is in the USA, but as long its valid when the person lands on the USA land, it doesn’t matter if by the time he leaves the country, if it still remains valid or not again.

  1. The 90 days travelling

Once applied and approved, the ESTA allows a onetime ninety-day travelling. This means that under no circumstances can the tourist outstay this period. That may put his re-entry into the country in danger. If the tourist has to stay beyond days in the US, he will have to apply for a corresponding visa

  1. Tourism and business trips allowed

if a tourist travelling to the US within those ninety days, ESTA gives the permission for work or pleasure purposes. By business purposes, it doesn’t mean working towards hunting s new job instead it means travelling to attend some meeting or conferences This can include going in for or medical and study purposes.

  1. Responses to ESTA application

After that the ESTA applications are received, there may be hundreds waiting for a reply. This process witnesses many responses from different candidates that are discussed as follows

Authorization approved:

This indicates that the ESTA is approved and can be put to immediate use. With the help of the official confirmation number, the tourist can be aware of the date of expiry of the ESTA.

Authorization pending

Sometimes, the ESTA application does not get approval and needs a second round of vetting. This usually is wrapped up in about 72 hours.

Unauthorized travelling

This response usually denotes that the tourist is not allowed to apply for a USA ESTA and is needed to give an application for a corresponding visa in order to enter the USA.

These are some of the pointers that every tourist who is going to apply for an ESTA visa should be aware of under any given circumstances or click here for more information.

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