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Certainly, Sani Pass is one of the most striking and picturesque mountains passes in entire Africa. The Sani Pass falls between South Africa and the neighbor country- Lesotho. As it is the only road which passes the summit of the Drakensberg Mountain, and the only pass that attracts most of the adventurous travelers to visit. The route is short but has the unforgettable views and the kudos that has conquered the highest and most iconic pass that South Africa has in today’s time.

For some more adventure and a chance to visit another country, our family of four went for a drive over the Sani Pass tours to Lesotho. This mountain pass, not very well known by most in the US, is a big tourism draw for South Africa. The Sani Pass is a winding dirt road that takes drivers up and over the Southern Drakensburg Mountains into the very small country of Lesotho.

Most of the people will start their drive through the Sani Pass on the South Africa side. So long as, you will pass through the border control which lies at the bottom, you will be able to recognize that the whole of the pass lies actually in South Africa, which is sited with the Lesotho border at the top.

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