South Padre Spring Break

Spring break brings vivid images of beaches and parties in our minds. During spring break, all college students want to do is relax and take a trip with their friends where they can forget the pressing career worries that crowd their mind. It is the same for all young adults. You only live once and you better live it right. It is important that you enjoy every moment of your life with your close ones so that these moments become memories. At INERTIA TOURS, they make it happen. So if you are planning for a spring break getaway, your destinations are covered and accommodation is sorted if you rely upon Inertia Tours.

The most popular travel destination in South Padre Island in Texas. For your South Padre Spring Break, you can get the accommodations on your choice of stay, whether it is 4, 5, 6 or even 7 nights. The package includes two dine out restaurant meals per day per person which adds to the affordability of the entire deal. Not only that but you’ll be offered free daily access to the spring beach stage and VIP status to top it off on the days of your stay. And what’s a South Padre Spring Break if you’re not enjoying the exclusive red carpet VIP party with a cruise! With concerts lined up and late night parties with music blasting through the speakers, you can get the perfect spring getaway at South Padre Island.

If you’re traveling in a group then you can enjoy the best possible discounts. All you have to do is connect with Inertia Tours and they’ll fix you up with the best price possible. Get traveling without any hassles. Avoid paying during check in and enjoy discounts while you’re at it!

This dream spring getaway comes with a luxurious condo to make your stay more awesome. The price differs between $299 per person to $499 per person depending upon the days of your stay!

Why should you spend your spring break in South Padre? Well, the answer is easy, it’s in the USA so your parents will not raise objects! The safety of Texas is no joke, plus the venue and hotel will be completely secure and guarded. You can enjoy the warm beaches and get your body all tanned and ready for the party! In absolutely amazing prices, you will be provided with meals, accommodation, headliner concerts and parties all week long!

South Padre is a location where more than 30,000 people travel to spend their glorious youthful days. Don’t miss out on the biggest deal available. Spend your spring break in South Padre and create memories that will last.

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