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Learn how to take that “valuable junk” and turn it into profits for your business!

Ever read an article online, (about any topic) and think to yourself: Pffft...I coulda done that! I know I have. Ever thought to yourself, I would have written it this way... or maybe used different content or specifics that would’ve made it better or more relevant? Me too! Maybe we’re kindred spirits?

More than likely, we’re just regular people who have a knack for sniffing out the BS as we’re reading it. We can tell when information has been regurgitated vs. genuine, helpful, well-thought out information.

 BS meter


But suppose we could move past the snarky, judgemental stuff and consider the possibility that your closet writing skills are just waiting to be unleashed.


No, not the kind of writing where you toil away for months, agonizing over dangling participles and trying to make your literary mark on the world. I mean a writer of the 21st century - an information provider.


I'm talking about writing short, informative articles from your little corner of the web - your little piece of real estate, that is uniquely yours. Why? Well for starters, you’ve got valuable stuff rolling around in that head of yours that could actually help someone who’s looking for that stuff. But also, because you can build a business on your knowledge or expertise in a certain field.


It's called niche blogging. It's very specific to a special segment of readers in the marketplace searching for a solution to their particular problem, and they're willing to pay to get it.


A Transfer of Knowledge is a Transfer of Value


make money bloggingWhen I first learned about info blogging, I thought of it kind of like a yard sale. You know...people wanting to unload some things. In a yard sale you're unloading stuff because it's no longer useful, no longer serving a purpose for you, and you’re willing to practically give it away. (I said practically!)


So you put your old crockpot out on the curb knowing that even though it no longer holds importance to you, someone will come along and offer you two bucks for it because they need it, it has value to them.


Likewise, an information or niche blogger has knowledge, find niche make moneyexpertise or information that has value to someone else, because it can help them find the answer or solution they’re looking for.


In other words, the junk in your head that comes second nature to you, can mean something significant to another person who doesn't have that same knowledge and information.


The trick is matching the specific knowledge and expertise you possess with the market of people who are searching for it. 

For more information on that, see my 3-part blog series on choosing a profitable niche market here.


People like to read, and millions, no make that billions, of people read something, in some form, everyday. They’re in search of a little golden nugget of information. (Did I mention value?) Even if the usefulness of that nugget has a shelf-life of a mere 5 seconds, they’d rather use their Mac, PC or smartphone to pull up information online in a nano-second, than use their own mind. Who hasn’t done this before? Guilty.


Let your fingers do the talking, let their fingers do the walking


using iphone in home bizTechnology changes at exponential speed and over time, we’re being conditioned to react and extract bits of information as fast as you can 86 a mosquito on your arm. It’s all about saving time. It’s all about having information at your fingertips. This means value.


Now, let’s suppose you’re the one providing that value. You have something someone else wants. What are they willing to give you in exchange? Do they have something of value to you? Absolutely! They have a name and email address. Why is that important?


If you can write persuasive copy that compels someone to give you their name and email address, it's the lifeblood of an online business. Creating and building an email list that you can market your products and or services to, is like gold. It’s called monetization, and it’s the key to your profits.


Provide information that someone needs, and do it in an interesting and relevant way, and you have something to hang your hat on. But it’s not as simple as slapping together a few articles and calling it a day. You need to provide targeted, helpful content on a regular basis for a couple of reasons.


  • One, people need to relate to you and feel your authenticity, and that develops over time, through your writing. You’re building a relationship with your reader and building their belief in you.
  • Secondly, you need to position yourself as an authority on the topic for which they’re seeking information and actually deliver the goods, the solutions.


If you’re simply writing about yourself and what happened over the weekend at thinkingyour cousin Bertha’s wedding....that’s not relevant to a person looking for help with their home business, or with their kid’s asthma or with whatever they need help with. They need useful information for a specific reason, and your focus should be on providing that solution.


When you put out relevant, practical content and solutions on a consistent basis, you build belief and trust in you and your website. You don’t have to do it daily, but it’s crucial to do it on a consistent, predictable basis.


Give some thought to some areas that interest you. What kind of valuable junk do you have rolling around in your head? I'd love to hear some feedback.


If you liked this article or found it to be helpful, I’d love to hear about it - leave me a comment below. As always, please feel free to share a link to this article using one of the buttons below. Ciao!

Eryn McCormick is an online marketing entrepreneur, coach and award-winning blogger. She's a woman on a mission to "inform, inspire and ignite" people to take action to recapture their own earning power by leveraging their skills, talents and abilities to start an online business from their home computer or on the go with a mobile device.

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One Response to Who Knew The Junk In Your Head Could Make You Money?

  • Scott Fashimpaur says:

    This is something I have told my son, and people I have known since I was about 19 years old. The greatest asset in life is things we learn and are taught. The fact of the matter, if someone gives you knowledge, they can not take it back. The only way they can stop you from using it is to take your life, then that will never benefit anyone. We have to learn from all and compile it in our heads and teach others. Awesome job on your training !
    Scott Fashimpaur recently posted..Welcome to The Christian Network Marketer!My Profile

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